I have found my new favoritest thing: Swapping! Too bad it took me so long to try it out… =D
My very first swap was with Abbey, and she is such fun! She sent me a lovely box of goodies that was so much fun to open. She sent me some knitting magazines, CANDY (I can’t wait until I can have sugar again!!!), gorgeous cotton/angora blend yarn, a mix CD– I am listening to it now, and a bucnh of other lovely things! Thank you so, so much! Everything is perfect =)
Here are some pictures:

(I am thinking maybe a floppy hat or a lace neck warmer is the project for these yarns)

This only makes me wish I had sent her more things… pooh.
One thing I was very interested in was the Marmite. I am assuming it is kind of like the UK version of Veggiemite… but I may be way off?? Anyway, I was kind of apprehensive about trying it, but I couldn’t be a wimp and not test it. I toasted a small piece of whole wheat bread, as that is the recommended way to eat it. Upon opening the adorable little jar:

I found what looked to be melted hot fudge sauce… the taste was not exactly what I expected =D It is very salty and odd tasting, I have yet to decide if I like it or not. lol.
Thanks Abbey! I love it so!

He stopped eating cakes, but only because he ran out of cakes.

Just a quick little note: I put everything in the store on Clearance. The stuff in the shop now aren’t really going along with the new direction I am going towards with my shop. I actually won’t be adding anything until January 1st, I am going to be working on my actual ideas and hopefully when I open again, there will be many new things.


6 responses to “Radiation

  1. I’m so sorry, I didn’t realise you couldn’t eat sugar! :S But I’m glad you like everything else 🙂 x

  2. So…I used to swap, but haven’t in a while. Do you know of any swap sites other than just craft stuff? Luv ya! 🙂

  3. That’s one very attractive swap package. Vegemite (Marmite looks like the same thing) is seriously the most ridiculous food ever! One of those things that we Amurricans just can’t appreciate, I guess. 😛

  4. Vegemite is just Australian marmite! And marmite’s a yeast extract. You must spread it thinly on hot, lightly buttered toast and consume with a relish. Their ad campaign is ‘You either love it or you hate it’. Let us know the verdict.

  5. That’s pretty cool.

    I love getting packages from back home except instead of new things to try, like yeast extract, I get my favorite foods and things from home that I can’t get here.

  6. This makes comment #2 on this post for me…woot. My first couple pairs of socks were top-down. Neither is really easier or harder; the hard part about top-down is determining the number of stitches to cast on because I am morally against making gauge swatches, while for toe-up you usually start the same size and increase until it’s wide enough. The hard part about toe-up is the circular cast-on (I use figure 8). Good luck on your sockies!

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