Red skirt

Last time I took pictures, I did a few projects at once. Knowing how bad I am at posting, I decided to spread it out a little so there would be two posts in one week! haha.
Anyway, this is a skirt I made using a pattern of my own. I did try to make the pockets actually work, but they were not really doing what I wanted, so I just made it look like pockets. Also, I need to make the waistband smaller becuase everytime I put it on, it slides down. Too bad I am being too lazy/busy to actually fix it -_-

(The ‘pockets’)

(The obligatory sink picture…)

I like it alright, but it certainly isn’t a favorite. It doesn’t seem like the past few things I have made have been all that great, but I have a few up my sleeve that I am pretty darn excited about… but no sneak peeks qutie yet. Which reminds me, I really need to take more pictures of uncompleted projects. I rarely do that =/ Maybe that way I would post every other day, instead of every five days or so.

Christmas is already close! Well, maybe not for everyone. Because I am making most every gift, as well as store things, swap things, and personal items, I have to start soon. Other wise, I have to actually buy premade and where is the fun in that? There will be Christmas present progress pictures, so I will have to warn the recipient not to look! I think for friends, I will be making these awesome notebooks. I just love the idea of picking fabric for the cover, as well as choosing fun papers for the inside.


5 responses to “Red skirt

  1. Thats awsome…I really like it.

  2. The skirt is cute!

    And those notebooks are way cool . . . I want one! 😀

  3. oh i’m so happy you’re going to make journals! anyone should be so lucky to get one from you 🙂 and great skirt! reminds me of santa’s helpers, with the white buttons and piping.

  4. How do you just whip patterns like that up?! Looks great 😀 Christmas is looming scarily…! x


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