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I have found my new favoritest thing: Swapping! Too bad it took me so long to try it out… =D
My very first swap was with Abbey, and she is such fun! She sent me a lovely box of goodies that was so much fun to open. She sent me some knitting magazines, CANDY (I can’t wait until I can have sugar again!!!), gorgeous cotton/angora blend yarn, a mix CD– I am listening to it now, and a bucnh of other lovely things! Thank you so, so much! Everything is perfect =)
Here are some pictures:

(I am thinking maybe a floppy hat or a lace neck warmer is the project for these yarns)

This only makes me wish I had sent her more things… pooh.
One thing I was very interested in was the Marmite. I am assuming it is kind of like the UK version of Veggiemite… but I may be way off?? Anyway, I was kind of apprehensive about trying it, but I couldn’t be a wimp and not test it. I toasted a small piece of whole wheat bread, as that is the recommended way to eat it. Upon opening the adorable little jar:

I found what looked to be melted hot fudge sauce… the taste was not exactly what I expected =D It is very salty and odd tasting, I have yet to decide if I like it or not. lol.
Thanks Abbey! I love it so!

He stopped eating cakes, but only because he ran out of cakes.

Just a quick little note: I put everything in the store on Clearance. The stuff in the shop now aren’t really going along with the new direction I am going towards with my shop. I actually won’t be adding anything until January 1st, I am going to be working on my actual ideas and hopefully when I open again, there will be many new things.


Red skirt

Last time I took pictures, I did a few projects at once. Knowing how bad I am at posting, I decided to spread it out a little so there would be two posts in one week! haha.
Anyway, this is a skirt I made using a pattern of my own. I did try to make the pockets actually work, but they were not really doing what I wanted, so I just made it look like pockets. Also, I need to make the waistband smaller becuase everytime I put it on, it slides down. Too bad I am being too lazy/busy to actually fix it -_-

(The ‘pockets’)

(The obligatory sink picture…)

I like it alright, but it certainly isn’t a favorite. It doesn’t seem like the past few things I have made have been all that great, but I have a few up my sleeve that I am pretty darn excited about… but no sneak peeks qutie yet. Which reminds me, I really need to take more pictures of uncompleted projects. I rarely do that =/ Maybe that way I would post every other day, instead of every five days or so.

Christmas is already close! Well, maybe not for everyone. Because I am making most every gift, as well as store things, swap things, and personal items, I have to start soon. Other wise, I have to actually buy premade and where is the fun in that? There will be Christmas present progress pictures, so I will have to warn the recipient not to look! I think for friends, I will be making these awesome notebooks. I just love the idea of picking fabric for the cover, as well as choosing fun papers for the inside.

it’s fact

Finally a picture post! Be warned, these pictures are what happen when you are home alone with the flu. lol.
Anyway, I lost the before picture to this first project, which is annoying becuase it is so much more interesting with. It started at as a gigantic men’s polo shirt. I stitched close the polo opening, turned that to the back, slimmed at and fixed the sleeves. I honestly like simple recons better than the really crazy ones.
So, on to the pictures of my Argyle sweater dress:

This is a picture of the back where the buttons and polo collar were:

The second is very simple. I found this shirt:
And made it fitted with medium length sleeves and black jersey bands around the bottom and the sleeves.

If you couldn’t tell, I like standing on my sink.
I apologize for the lack of interesting posts on my blog. I’ve been sick quite a lot, and I have been busy with a few swaps. I am trying to be better about posting more interesting things, but I forget a lot.
Someday I will also take better pictures, but I didn’t really feel up to it.

My day today consisted of sitting on the couch with a big basket of yarn next to me. I finished up some things, frogged some others. I also started a few new projects which I’m not sure about yet :/

I have a Halloween lament. I am the queen of Halloween. I make myself some crazy costume that U’ve been planning for months, I usually make costumes for a few other people, and I always end up with the most candy. Halloween is my favorite holiday- seriously, it is. But this year is different… First, I have nothing to do. I don’t really even have a posse I can gather up to watch stupid movies or go trick or treating with. I can’t have candy anyway, and making a costume to wear while being sick on the couch would probably be worse than not dressing up at all. Maybe next year… or I could just dress up for Christmas and pretend it’s Halloween. Now there’s an idea.