Stripey goodness!!

I think I may be a tiny bit obsessed with these kind of tops. hehe.

This one is for sale:

(O_O!!! It’s my face!?!?! lol)

I reconstructed this one for myself. It only took me about 45 minutes:


(That is me and my funny jumping face.)

Also, I have a wist! I love this thing… maybe a little too much?

*EDIT* I had two things but I don’t know if I will remember both. First: I might be getting a car!! Well, not exactly mine but my sister will use it to drive to school and then by the time I need it we will either share or she will have gone away to college.
Second (I just remembered), I got as job. Not very exciting but every Friday I will be babysitting two girls and I will make about $50 a week. Which works perfectly with ym school schedule and everything else schedule.


8 responses to “Stripey goodness!!

  1. Too cute. How’d you make the collar on the first one? I must know.

  2. Oh, never mind. That was pretty much the most obvious thing on earth, I don’t know why I didn’t get it at first. 😛

  3. I’m a fool for horizontal stripes, too. Your shirt surgery is awesome. It looks great!

  4. Oh gosh! That’s bright. I love them though, all of them! Such a shame that it’s too chilly for me to wear dresses now 😦


  5. do ya ever make longer dresses or skirts?

    *just wondering* 😀

    Stripes are cool.

  6. ahhhh, it’s so cute!!!! it’d look just precious over jeans, in my opinion, at least. gosh, i love your clothes. they’re AWESOME.

  7. Fab dresses, as ever! And well done on the car and job 😉 x

  8. wow thats such a cute recon! i love it i really do.

    now i have the urge to create mini dresses :S

    xx Catherine

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