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Anchors away

This whole not sewing thing is a little odd O_o On the one hand, I wouldn’t mind doing a little creating, but on the other it’s kind of nice.
I’m trying out screen printing. My mom laughed at me for starting yet another thing 😀 I obviously don’t have any of the correct tools, but I am trying out the cheapy version to see what I think. The glue is going everywhere but since when do I not make huge messes?

This is actually a very old project. I made it to wear to a wedding in like… um… I am going to say June?? These pictures were taken very quickly, and, I have nothing better to show for it. One of these days I will buy a nice camera of my own and try to take half-decent photos.
Anyway, on to the pictures:

(note: I think I was half done teasing my hair, thats whats wrong with it… at least I hope I wasn’t done O_o)

(Isn’t that the most adorable fabric ever?? I love it! This one is closer to the actual color of the dress.)

Did you notice I didn’t block out my face? lol. I am making a tard face in the first picture, but honestly I don’t care right now.

Hrm, what to talk about? I really wish I could be more interesting on my blog, but I talk better in real life then I do online. Maybe after more project it will get better.

My car might be able to come today! I really hope he does. As soon as possible (meaning next week X_X) I will take pictures of my* baby and you can all know his name as well. Hopefully he doesn’t break down and die before then. ha.
I will stop rambling now. To end this all, I am going to bless you all with some vintage hilarity. O.K., so it isn’t hilarious, but I think it’s kind of cute and funny.

*Note: The car is not mine per se. I call it mine and my mom is always reminding me that it is not mine it is hers and my dad’s. I will still call it mine, but it isn’t… yet.

*edit* I am in the middle of a small personal swap, but I was wondering if anyone would like to do a personal swap with me? Preferably someone who lives farther away and has access to all of the goodies unavailable here 😀 Anyway, it doesn’t really have to be extremely crafty. Maybe some small things: fabric, magazines, candy, small projects, etc. If you might be slightly interested, leave a comment and I can give you my e-mail address 🙂 If no one wants to, it’s not a huge deal. I might just join on Craftster….


Thrift finds

I’m sorry for the lack of actual craftiness on my blog. I have been crafting, but now that school has started I have been kind of busy. I will try to get some good pictures up this weekend, and hopefully I will get a few small chips into my mountain of projects 🙂

I did go thrifting yesterday and found some of the cutest fabric!
This one is a pink and white ribbed jersey. I think there are about two yards which is pretty good for $1.50:

I also bought this paisley fabric. I don’t really know what to do with it. It may be a tiny bit to busy for something to wear :D:

This is just for laughs. I was looking for a striped shirt for a dress type thing I am making. This is what turned up:
It is probably the ugliest dress I’ve ever seen… but for two dollars I can probably get a dress plus fabric for other projects. Can you imagine someone actually wearing this? lol.

Again, I’m sorry for being boring lately. School does that to people…

Stripey goodness!!

I think I may be a tiny bit obsessed with these kind of tops. hehe.

This one is for sale:

(O_O!!! It’s my face!?!?! lol)

I reconstructed this one for myself. It only took me about 45 minutes:


(That is me and my funny jumping face.)

Also, I have a wist! I love this thing… maybe a little too much?

*EDIT* I had two things but I don’t know if I will remember both. First: I might be getting a car!! Well, not exactly mine but my sister will use it to drive to school and then by the time I need it we will either share or she will have gone away to college.
Second (I just remembered), I got as job. Not very exciting but every Friday I will be babysitting two girls and I will make about $50 a week. Which works perfectly with ym school schedule and everything else schedule.

60’s style mini-dress




yoke detail:

This is my very first from scratch knit… thing. I really like how it turned out, so I think I will be making another for myself.
It is for sale: Square Peg

Comments, critiques?

I have been sewing almost ALL day. lol. I didn’t get much done though. I honestly do not know how I manage these things 😀
Anyway, I am making a really pretty stretch knit tunic/shirt/thing for the shop. It has the cutest little ruffles and everything. I did mess up the neckline so many times though, so it ended up more of a boatneck than anything… but it looks o.k. I will probably not use my machine much more tonight, but I have a lot of burrons to sew on, pieces to cut out, etc. I really want to post some pictures of a few small things that I have bene meaning to post, but my family is camping and my mom took her camera. pooh :/

Oh yes, before I go: I found an excellent recipe for sorbet. The recipe is for strawberry, but I believe you could substitute mangos, raspberries, cherries, or whatever. Here it is:
1 lemon, seeded + roughly chopped
2 cups sugar
2 pounds strawberries, hulled
Juice of 1 to 2 lemons

1. Place the chopped lemon and sugar in a food processor, and pulse until combined. Transfer to a bowl.
2. Puree the strawberries in a food processor, and add to the lemon mixture, along with the juice of 1 lemon. Taste and add more juice as desired. The lemon flavor should be intense but should not overpower the strawberries. Pour the mixture into an ice cream machine and churn until frozen.

After I made it, I decided that maybe less sugar would taste better. It is good, but it can be overly sweet. It also tastes excellent in smoothies. I have been having smoothies for lunch lately. haha 🙂

Red polka-dot babydoll

I’m not so sure about this one. I haven’t been to into anything I’ve made lately :/ Please be brutally honest about what you think! I want every suggestion on how to improve my stuff.




(* Nush: I was going to use your suggestions but I ran out of fabric and piping :/)

It is for sale on my Etsy. I will someday put my face in pictures, but today wasn’t the best day for that O_o