twinkle twinkle, little bat

The fear, the anticipation… of buying shoes online.
“What if they don’t fit? What if they are too small and they don’t have any of the right size?”

“The box looks big. Are they going to be montrosities? Oh crap.. bad idea. I shouldn’t do this anymore.”

“Maybe I shouldn’t open it. Maybe if I leave it closed, it will magically disappear and I will never know if they were right. Uh-oh… maybe they sent the wrong color. AH! I can’t have the wrong color!”

“O.K. Color is good……”



Those are the thoughts that go through my head every time I buy something off of the internet. But they ended up just fine and they fit perfectly.

*You will be seeing more of the “backdrops” in the near future, as well as a few purses a few dresses, etc.


7 responses to “twinkle twinkle, little bat

  1. LOVE THE POLKA DOTS!!!! I am seriously going through a polks dot phase right now!!

  2. Buying stuff online is awesome! It’s like having most of the worlds goods and services for sale in your home.

  3. has the crafty returned? those shoes are a-dorable. love them.

  4. I feel your pain. But don’t you just LOVE getting things in the post? Such cute shoes x

  5. Ooooh yummy! I’m so glad they fitted, and they look HOT! =) Hey I love the green dotty dress you made too, lovely, oh I love dots =)

  6. i love the shoes!

    where did you get them from!

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