I am a bad blogger. I don’t post very much… haha. I am crafting very much lately! I went thrifting on Saturday and bought a bunch of clothes to re-size for fall, a fishy sheet for a dress, and some random odds and ends. I also finished two purses today! I am so proud of myself πŸ˜‰
As I said when I started this blog I would post when my knitting projects. But so far there have been none! I do knit still, I jsut didn’t knit much over the summer becuase of the heat. I started an interesting cropped cardigan, using the yarn from my first sweater (it made me look like a starched sheep)… might work.
I don’t have pictures of any of these projects becuase the lighting is abd, 10:15 PM, and I have been sewing all day.
School starts officially on Monday, but as I am homeschooled (betcha didn’t know that, eh?) I don’t have much to worry about… except that school will take me a long time which means less time for craftyness. Darn.

To make this long, boring post more interesting I will share some of my favorite links with you all. I’m sure most of you have already been on these sites, but whatever.

First off, crafty sites.
T-Shirt Surgery
A very interesting lj community. Some of the creations are a little blah, but every once in a while someone posts something fantastic.
Clothes Surgery
This one is a little boring at times, but there are a few cute designs. But only a few.
Oh My Stars
This was the very first T-shirt reconstruction site I found. It actually me back into making all of my clothes.
Erm, visit this site. I lovers it.
This has one of the largest collections of stencils and it has a few good tutorials. Very highly recommended.
Stencil Revolution
Has some of the most beautiful street art I’ve ever seen.
Vintage Knitting Patterns
Has a few nice vintage patterns. I am making the cropped cardigan.

And now for a few sites that I am inspired by. Some are clothes, some are stores, some are just random sites that I like:
Little Odd Forest
First of all, you can’t beat the name. Second, the products are so adorable! Wish my stuff was that cute πŸ˜€
Tiny Meat
Haha. Love this shop…
Forever 21
Yes, the models are creepy looking, yes most of the clothes are ugly, but I can’t resist small print shirts. ARG!!
Fitz Patterns
I have not purchased a pattern yet, but they all look so fun.
Loretta Lux
I love her work.
Stop Staring Clothing
The most amazing vintage style dresses can be found here. Yes I almost cried when I saw that Paris Hilton was wearing their clothing, but I think I can make it.

wow. that is a lot longer than I thought it would be, and it isn’t even everything.


7 responses to “oops

  1. Stop Staring makes me sad because I can’t afford the beautiful dresses. And I’m with you on the Paris Hilton thing… Well done on finishing more purses πŸ˜€ x

  2. Thank god I have another two more weeks of holiday.

  3. Wow…and I thought I had a lot of links! Thankx for the new ones I didn’t have. Some are the same.

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