The llama eats the giraffe

I finally got around to making a dress from that sheet. I now have a matching purse and dress…


hehe… these are the kinds of pictures that occur when you have nothing to do on a FRiday night.


I need a haircut/style of some sort. oh well…


I like rain, but I got wet.


I will be making another with the same fabric and one in red to sell on my shop. Oh yes, no pattern whatsoever. I completely designed and drafted it myself.


11 responses to “The llama eats the giraffe

  1. No pattern?? Impressive! Good job, it’s cute. šŸ™‚

  2. I like it a lot šŸ™‚ The piping is a really nice touch and the neckline is gorgeous.

    Only thing I’m not that keen on is the gathers on the skirt part. (Actually, are they even gathers? It might just be the angle.) I think that the skirt would look nicer just slightly wider (though it would use up more fabric.) Either bias-cut, like a circle skirt, or maybe A-line but gathered at the waist band?

    Also if you can be bothered, it’d look even nicer with more piping, at least around the part on the bodice, pulling down the top section? You know? And along the neckline would be gorgeous.

    Let me know your e-mail address and I’ll send you a sketch to clarify. (I’m sure that doesn’t make much sense.)

    I wish I had money! I honestly would buy one of your handbags if I could.

    xx nush

  3. What’s your mom going to say when she sees that picture with you standing on the sink?

  4. “Comments/Criticism”? Ummmmmmmmmm I LOVE IT!!!!!! I love the style, the cut the pattern! EVERYTHING!!!! BEaUTIFUL!!

  5. No pattern? KUDOS! Looks fab, I shall definitely keep an eye on your Etsy šŸ˜€ x

  6. CUTE DRESS!!! the bustline is the ideal shape for you and the piping is a perfect touch. you’re inspiring me to sew something but i know it would look like a potato sack more than anything else. ha!

  7. You are a goddess. You make me wish I had more patience for my sewing machine.

  8. I love it! Combined with the necklace, it’s so retro!

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  10. Beautiful! I’m obsessed with Kelly Green right now!

  11. that is so gorgeous!

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