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Polka Dots and Cherries



I don’t have very much time to post this week- I will be busy with school, projects, and a knitting commission (lol)- so this is a very quick post.
Both purses are for sale on my etsy shop Square Peg.

*EDIT:* I now have PayPal on my Etsy, and my mom started a shop also: Simple Things
She has been selling for a while but just got her Etsy up.


twinkle twinkle, little bat

The fear, the anticipation… of buying shoes online.
“What if they don’t fit? What if they are too small and they don’t have any of the right size?”

“The box looks big. Are they going to be montrosities? Oh crap.. bad idea. I shouldn’t do this anymore.”

“Maybe I shouldn’t open it. Maybe if I leave it closed, it will magically disappear and I will never know if they were right. Uh-oh… maybe they sent the wrong color. AH! I can’t have the wrong color!”

“O.K. Color is good……”



Those are the thoughts that go through my head every time I buy something off of the internet. But they ended up just fine and they fit perfectly.

*You will be seeing more of the “backdrops” in the near future, as well as a few purses a few dresses, etc.



To this:

Fabric was found in my mom’s old fabric box.


I am a bad blogger. I don’t post very much… haha. I am crafting very much lately! I went thrifting on Saturday and bought a bunch of clothes to re-size for fall, a fishy sheet for a dress, and some random odds and ends. I also finished two purses today! I am so proud of myself 😉
As I said when I started this blog I would post when my knitting projects. But so far there have been none! I do knit still, I jsut didn’t knit much over the summer becuase of the heat. I started an interesting cropped cardigan, using the yarn from my first sweater (it made me look like a starched sheep)… might work.
I don’t have pictures of any of these projects becuase the lighting is abd, 10:15 PM, and I have been sewing all day.
School starts officially on Monday, but as I am homeschooled (betcha didn’t know that, eh?) I don’t have much to worry about… except that school will take me a long time which means less time for craftyness. Darn.

To make this long, boring post more interesting I will share some of my favorite links with you all. I’m sure most of you have already been on these sites, but whatever.

First off, crafty sites.
T-Shirt Surgery
A very interesting lj community. Some of the creations are a little blah, but every once in a while someone posts something fantastic.
Clothes Surgery
This one is a little boring at times, but there are a few cute designs. But only a few.
Oh My Stars
This was the very first T-shirt reconstruction site I found. It actually me back into making all of my clothes.
Erm, visit this site. I lovers it.
This has one of the largest collections of stencils and it has a few good tutorials. Very highly recommended.
Stencil Revolution
Has some of the most beautiful street art I’ve ever seen.
Vintage Knitting Patterns
Has a few nice vintage patterns. I am making the cropped cardigan.

And now for a few sites that I am inspired by. Some are clothes, some are stores, some are just random sites that I like:
Little Odd Forest
First of all, you can’t beat the name. Second, the products are so adorable! Wish my stuff was that cute 😀
Tiny Meat
Haha. Love this shop…
Forever 21
Yes, the models are creepy looking, yes most of the clothes are ugly, but I can’t resist small print shirts. ARG!!
Fitz Patterns
I have not purchased a pattern yet, but they all look so fun.
Loretta Lux
I love her work.
Stop Staring Clothing
The most amazing vintage style dresses can be found here. Yes I almost cried when I saw that Paris Hilton was wearing their clothing, but I think I can make it.

wow. that is a lot longer than I thought it would be, and it isn’t even everything.

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

Fine. So there aren’t any trains or automobiles (AH! that word is hard to type…), but there is an airplane.


A messenger with appliqued clouds and a plane. There are more picture and more info on my Etsy:
I’m not a big fan of messenger bags, but I kind of like this one. Besides, it has polka-dots 😀

EDIT: I have been looking all over for shoes, and I found some! They had some in the same stlye at Wal-Mart, but they were the same price and the deisgns were kind of blah. I think I’m going to get the polka dot ones (what else?) and the red and blue stripey ones. I am excited now 😀

The llama eats the giraffe

I finally got around to making a dress from that sheet. I now have a matching purse and dress…


hehe… these are the kinds of pictures that occur when you have nothing to do on a FRiday night.


I need a haircut/style of some sort. oh well…


I like rain, but I got wet.


I will be making another with the same fabric and one in red to sell on my shop. Oh yes, no pattern whatsoever. I completely designed and drafted it myself.




Huge size 12 or so leggings with stir-ups. Four pairs of leggings for $2.00 at a yard sale.





Do you know how hard it is to take pictures of your legs? Sorry for the strange angles…