Purses for store!

I finally have some things finished! There are only two, but the others are coming along slowly but surely.
I don’t have the store up yet- I want to have more ‘stock’ prepared- but I am getting excited about it. Hehe.
Anyway, this is one of my favorite purses. It is small, only about 8×4 inches, but I love it:





It is a fully lined, sturdy bag with a small pocket and a snap closure.

I designed the bag and stencil myself. The bag was really hard, but I like how it came out.





Sorry the pictures are so large. And constructive criticism is very appreciated!!


8 responses to “Purses for store!

  1. both the purses are really cute, and i love the graphics on the second one. dandelions are fabulous, if you ask me.

  2. They are both lovely! I look forward to seeing your shop.

  3. (a) you pick such great fabrics for everything!
    (b) i totally *heart* that second one. i too love dandelions!

  4. Those look fab! What lovely fabric and designs! *eagerly awaits store opening* 😀 x

  5. Constructive Critisism?!! GIRL these are CUTE!!! Lovew em! Let us know when the shop is up?:)

  6. Both are pretty groovy. I like how the first one matches the picture on your blog…and the dandelion is cool too. I wouldn’t have enough patience to stencil, but I did make a dress for my sister yesterday– my first successful attempt at making clothing– woohoo! Whoops, sorry.

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