i am a pirate, you are a princess

i finally have it. after two weeks of (almost) back-breaking work, and getting up at 6:00 am, i finally have my machine. i absolutely love it!

isn’t it lovely? i was too excited to actually take quality pictures. you know what im saying?
it even comes with this totally cool vinyl cover:machine2

i dig it.

i also bought some fabrics to make things to sell. yay! they don’t look like much now, but hopefully after im finished….


crazy thrift store corduroy. for only $1.00! woohoo.

i got five yards of this at the thrift store for $4.50. can you say deal?

this stuff was my favorite. it was $8 dollars a yard at jo-anns, but it was totally worth it. they are actually two large pieces of knit material. i am so excited to make stuff!

oh yes, want to see my favorite stitch on my machine?

it’s the one in the middle, btw. isnt it cute?

found some new music. i have a $20 card for barnes and noble, and as i go to the library all the time, im getting these guys’ CD.

funny stuff.
ive been feeling really stressed lately. ARG MATEYS!!!!



3 responses to “i am a pirate, you are a princess

  1. Oh, FABULOUS! What fun 🙂

  2. whoo! (a) love the star stitch. the one on mine could use some help. (b) the fabrics are SO cute. do you have an etsy? when i get my shop open in the next few weeks, we should trade links!

  3. What a beaut – fun times ahead haha! I wish my machine did fancy embroidery stitches too… And Davy Jones’ beard scared me 😐 x

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