Monthly Archives: July 2006

Purses for store!

I finally have some things finished! There are only two, but the others are coming along slowly but surely.
I don’t have the store up yet- I want to have more ‘stock’ prepared- but I am getting excited about it. Hehe.
Anyway, this is one of my favorite purses. It is small, only about 8×4 inches, but I love it:





It is a fully lined, sturdy bag with a small pocket and a snap closure.

I designed the bag and stencil myself. The bag was really hard, but I like how it came out.





Sorry the pictures are so large. And constructive criticism is very appreciated!!


Haircut… with picture

This post is so crafty it’s not even funny. Seeing as how I had nothing to do, it being a Friday night and all, I gave myself a haircut. Yes, that si what I did. I have a habit of constantly going in and PAYING someone to do this task for me. But tonight, I did it myself. I looked over a million websites, and found some cute styles. I found a lot that were longer, but I though, hey why not do it short? You know me, and of course there are no pictures… yet. I jsut cut it up and made it a little mroe messy, and then I teased sprayed it in the back. It’s totally fun to tease hair. So poofy and crazy… Yeah, I need to get off the computer and do something useful with this insomniac tendency of mine. I think I might regret this psot tomorrow, seeing as how I should be working on store stuff, and posting pictures of that rockin wallt that I’m too lazy to get pics of. I get to see Johnny Depp, I mean Pirates of the Caribbean tomorrow. So sad I have to wait a whole day!!! Arg.

*edit* Here’s the hair:

The picture is a little odd, but it was hard to get any other angle, i will try to get a front picture some other time… and my hair is really that color 🙂

i am a pirate, you are a princess

i finally have it. after two weeks of (almost) back-breaking work, and getting up at 6:00 am, i finally have my machine. i absolutely love it!

isn’t it lovely? i was too excited to actually take quality pictures. you know what im saying?
it even comes with this totally cool vinyl cover:machine2

i dig it.

i also bought some fabrics to make things to sell. yay! they don’t look like much now, but hopefully after im finished….


crazy thrift store corduroy. for only $1.00! woohoo.

i got five yards of this at the thrift store for $4.50. can you say deal?

this stuff was my favorite. it was $8 dollars a yard at jo-anns, but it was totally worth it. they are actually two large pieces of knit material. i am so excited to make stuff!

oh yes, want to see my favorite stitch on my machine?

it’s the one in the middle, btw. isnt it cute?

found some new music. i have a $20 card for barnes and noble, and as i go to the library all the time, im getting these guys’ CD.

funny stuff.
ive been feeling really stressed lately. ARG MATEYS!!!!