smile like you mean it/ polka dots and doves

Drumroll please! Instead of having to wait for a long time for pictures, I had the day off today… so I got out some of my projects and FINALLY took pictures. Sorry for the oddness of the pictures. I had the camera set up on a chair, stacked high with books, with the little automatic button (forget what it’s called -_-).
Anyway, first off, Polka dot dress #1:


back (my legs are not this short, the angle was off on the camera ^^):

bodice detail:

Pattern: McCall’s M4460

Polka Dot Dress #2:



(sleeve and bow detail)

I drafted the pattern myself, except for a little help on the upper collar from a vintage shirt pattern.

I love this fabric! Jo-Ann’s was having an end of the year sale and this stuff was about $2 a yard. So I bought the remaining fabric, sadly only about three yards, and I am getting to the end of it. Very sad…
Anyway, this was a very simple shirt made from two squares of fabric gathered at the top and attached to a strip of jersey knit material.



fabric detail:

No, the shirt is not sewn crooked. I just put it one crooked on accident.


13 responses to “smile like you mean it/ polka dots and doves

  1. i love your first polka dot dress! it fits you perfectly, and, well, you can’t really go wrong with polka dots. i also love your second polka dot fabric (2 bucks is a steal!!!)

  2. sorry, i forgot to mention–your birdy/dove fabric is my favorite. where on earth did you find it?

  3. Jo-Ann’s fabrics. There is also a red one, which i didn’t have money for =(
    Thank you!

  4. Those look fantastic! My favourite is the first polka dot dress – it looks gorgeous x

  5. Who is that adorable model??? Love you, sweetie!

  6. I’ll have to agree with the rest of your fan club and say that the first one is definitely the best, both for material and fit.

  7. Yeah fan club! Lovely dresses, m’dear.


  8. The first dress is best! I would like to see the first dress made with the second material though…Man, I wish I could make clothes!

  9. Oh my gawd I must get off my bum and start making clothes! Not that those amazing creations would look half as good on me though 😦
    Why’d you leave blogger in favour of wordpad?

  10. I need a sewing machine like WHOA. Your clothes are bangin’, boo! But why censor your pretty face? Own it, girl!

  11. I love those dresses! They’re both so cute!

  12. Hi! I randomly came across your blog when searching for the McCalls pattern you used for the first polka dot dress. I was just wondering, does the pattern produce those lovely wide straps, or did you amend it? I’m asking because from the images on the McCalls site, they look more like spaghetti straps, and I want something more chunky.

    Bright blessings, and have a lovely day.

    ~ Blackberry x

  13. You are my aspiration , I own few blogs and very sporadically run out from to post .

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