he shook my hand and tried to eat me!

I told you i would get pictures up at some point 😉



This was made out of a pair of granny pants, which i un-successfully tried to make into cigarette pants. it is a little ‘girly’ for me, but i might still carry it… or i’ll give it to my friend.


i made this purse using a tutorial from craftster, old Mental Floss magazines and duct tape. it isn’t too exciting, but i like it.



yet another recycled purse. it caem out a little messy, but it is impossible to flatten capri-suns after they have been smashed and squished around in my room for a few days. i attempted a velcro closure, but that didnt work too well 🙂



i used a tutorial from craftster, but the page is down for the moment so i will add a link later.

i amde a messenger type bag with a seahorse on it for my friend, but i gave it away before pictures. they will come next time i see her though.

exciting news!!!! i was going to be getting a job this summer, but my parents said that if i work with my dad for two weeks they will buy me my own sewing machine and give me $40 bucks to buy materials for my first batch of stuff!!!! AH! hehe. i dont really know what i will start with, probably some stenciled purses, but after practicing more with clothes making i want to start selling those. i dont know if i will do etsy or a webpage, but whatever. any suggestions on business or what to make would be very appreciated!!


4 responses to “he shook my hand and tried to eat me!

  1. whoo hoo! i cant wait to see your shop!

  2. Hey, I never saw the mag purse…

  3. I love the bag! They are generally a great thing to sell, and you can make similar styles in a variety of sizes and styles.


  4. On the business side of things I’d recommend getting your friends to serve as affiliate sellers. Putting pictures of your merchandise on their blog and links to your selling site. If you offer a small cut of the profits they generate you can probably entice a fair number of people to funnel to you.

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