showbread is my bowl of cherries

i love showbread. even more than before, which is saying a LOT 🙂 it was the best show i’ve ever been too. fall of troy broke down, which was sad, and showbread broke their guitar in half…. but that meant that the singer talked for twenty minutes and he was hilarious. dino master… hehe.
classic case was lame. they just didnt have a very good stage presence and they couldnt get the crowd into what they were doing. he is legend was pretty good. they were just a little, um, conceited which was annoying but they gave a good performance.
i LOVE my Showbread!!!

i swear i was about to take pictures, but my parents are gone for the weekend and they took the camera. i made three purses, two wallets, and i am working on a shirt. my mom’s stupid machine is breaking and i can barely sew with it. arg… good reason to buy a new one though.

i know this blog has been super boring lately, but i am going to work on making it more interesting. i just havent had anything to write about, and im too lazy to take pictures. anyway, i will post all my stuff when i get pictures.


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