marching for your murder

that title has nothing to do with this post… but i don’t care.
i finally stenciled something i can wear. the last shirt i made is so stiff, i bet it could stand up on it’s own ::)
here is my most recent thing:



i cut out every single one of those stupid butterflies… which took forever! anyway, it bled a tiny bit, but i still like how it came out. oh yes, i used textile medium this time it will last longer.


6 responses to “marching for your murder

  1. Oh EMILY! That’s so gorgeous. Wow. I am awed!

    Your last shirt may soften up if you try washing it (inside-out) with some fabric conditioner?

  2. You cut out every single one?! Holy cow!! Couldn’t you have just reused the same stencil multiple times?

  3. that shirt is really nice. GOOD WORK!! you should give yourself a couple pats on the back.

  4. not sure why i didnt comment on this earlier, but this one is even cooler than the one with the birds and the skyscrapers.

    i think i will use your stencil… of course i’ll cite to you and let you know when i do

  5. what an amazing work! i adore all the clothes you’re about to do/have done… incredible!


  6. Wow, that design is gorgeous! simple but really cool. I bet it took you ages to cut out those ‘flies…

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