i know what to do over the summer. i have an inspriration. I already sew a lot of dresses, but most of them are 50’s style. i think i’m going to do 60’s mod for a while. oh yes, about that inspriration ( i cannot spell this word -_-)…


i absolutely love this dress! it’s so bright and crazy. and her shoes are so adorable.


the shoes are crazy-delicious (LOL) and the dress is perfect.


not sure how to make this dress, but i absolutely love it! i also don’t know where to buy jersey fabric, but i will find a way…somehow…


i like the pattern on the fabric and the dress is super mod and cute.


she’s emo! come on! she’s wearing a bandana and a dress that looks like an old woman’s outfit. she so totally owns…

i doubt i’ll make every single one of these, but i’m sick of EVERYONE making 50’s style. not saying i don’t like it, it just gets boring.
if anyone has any idea as to where i could get patterns like this, i would really appreciate it!


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  1. I love the white one, but then I considered buying a tennis skirt the other day. If you want patterns try charity shops (thrift stores) in small towns. Especially places where most of the stock comes from people clearing out their grannies’ attics. Original 60s patterns aren’t hard to find – I have some, but expect the directions to be scanty and READ the measurments in the sizing. A 60s 16 can have a 27″ waist. You can find them on ebay too but that’s more pricey. There were also lots of dressmaking handbooks published around then with directions on drafting a basic pattern. Bear in mind that most mod dresses are variations on a very basic a line mini dress and that a basic pattern or directions on how to draft it are readily available. Can’t wait to see the results. Oh and fabric stores sell jersey fabrics but mostly in single colours. For the stripey dress I would get the largest mens t shirt I could find.

  2. I really like the green and the white but the others less so.

    I’m not exactly Kaptain Krafty so I can’t advise you on where to find patterns,

    If you’re looking to do something different have you ever looked into making duck tape clothes/accessories?

  3. Coolness! Have a blast.

  4. It’s TWIGGY! At least, if I’m not mistaken. Good luck with that; there are always 60s dress patterns in charity shops near me so I’ll keep a look out for you.

    x x x

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