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smile like you mean it/ polka dots and doves

Drumroll please! Instead of having to wait for a long time for pictures, I had the day off today… so I got out some of my projects and FINALLY took pictures. Sorry for the oddness of the pictures. I had the camera set up on a chair, stacked high with books, with the little automatic button (forget what it’s called -_-).
Anyway, first off, Polka dot dress #1:


back (my legs are not this short, the angle was off on the camera ^^):

bodice detail:

Pattern: McCall’s M4460

Polka Dot Dress #2:



(sleeve and bow detail)

I drafted the pattern myself, except for a little help on the upper collar from a vintage shirt pattern.

I love this fabric! Jo-Ann’s was having an end of the year sale and this stuff was about $2 a yard. So I bought the remaining fabric, sadly only about three yards, and I am getting to the end of it. Very sad…
Anyway, this was a very simple shirt made from two squares of fabric gathered at the top and attached to a strip of jersey knit material.



fabric detail:

No, the shirt is not sewn crooked. I just put it one crooked on accident.


he shook my hand and tried to eat me!

I told you i would get pictures up at some point 😉



This was made out of a pair of granny pants, which i un-successfully tried to make into cigarette pants. it is a little ‘girly’ for me, but i might still carry it… or i’ll give it to my friend.


i made this purse using a tutorial from craftster, old Mental Floss magazines and duct tape. it isn’t too exciting, but i like it.



yet another recycled purse. it caem out a little messy, but it is impossible to flatten capri-suns after they have been smashed and squished around in my room for a few days. i attempted a velcro closure, but that didnt work too well 🙂



i used a tutorial from craftster, but the page is down for the moment so i will add a link later.

i amde a messenger type bag with a seahorse on it for my friend, but i gave it away before pictures. they will come next time i see her though.

exciting news!!!! i was going to be getting a job this summer, but my parents said that if i work with my dad for two weeks they will buy me my own sewing machine and give me $40 bucks to buy materials for my first batch of stuff!!!! AH! hehe. i dont really know what i will start with, probably some stenciled purses, but after practicing more with clothes making i want to start selling those. i dont know if i will do etsy or a webpage, but whatever. any suggestions on business or what to make would be very appreciated!!

showbread is my bowl of cherries

i love showbread. even more than before, which is saying a LOT 🙂 it was the best show i’ve ever been too. fall of troy broke down, which was sad, and showbread broke their guitar in half…. but that meant that the singer talked for twenty minutes and he was hilarious. dino master… hehe.
classic case was lame. they just didnt have a very good stage presence and they couldnt get the crowd into what they were doing. he is legend was pretty good. they were just a little, um, conceited which was annoying but they gave a good performance.
i LOVE my Showbread!!!

i swear i was about to take pictures, but my parents are gone for the weekend and they took the camera. i made three purses, two wallets, and i am working on a shirt. my mom’s stupid machine is breaking and i can barely sew with it. arg… good reason to buy a new one though.

i know this blog has been super boring lately, but i am going to work on making it more interesting. i just havent had anything to write about, and im too lazy to take pictures. anyway, i will post all my stuff when i get pictures.

marching for your murder

that title has nothing to do with this post… but i don’t care.
i finally stenciled something i can wear. the last shirt i made is so stiff, i bet it could stand up on it’s own ::)
here is my most recent thing:



i cut out every single one of those stupid butterflies… which took forever! anyway, it bled a tiny bit, but i still like how it came out. oh yes, i used textile medium this time it will last longer.

i know what to do over the summer. i have an inspriration. I already sew a lot of dresses, but most of them are 50’s style. i think i’m going to do 60’s mod for a while. oh yes, about that inspriration ( i cannot spell this word -_-)…


i absolutely love this dress! it’s so bright and crazy. and her shoes are so adorable.


the shoes are crazy-delicious (LOL) and the dress is perfect.


not sure how to make this dress, but i absolutely love it! i also don’t know where to buy jersey fabric, but i will find a way…somehow…


i like the pattern on the fabric and the dress is super mod and cute.


she’s emo! come on! she’s wearing a bandana and a dress that looks like an old woman’s outfit. she so totally owns…

i doubt i’ll make every single one of these, but i’m sick of EVERYONE making 50’s style. not saying i don’t like it, it just gets boring.
if anyone has any idea as to where i could get patterns like this, i would really appreciate it!

i have a secret

there is something you must know. i am….



and i made a new dress. i didn’t use any pattern, i just bought this weird fabric and came up with this:


and now i have to go. i want to post more, but i can’t.