We like the moon

I finally found the camera… so I present all of my random creations:

First off, a skirt. I saw a picture of a checkered skirt with lace, and I had to have one. So I bought fabric and winged it. The waistband came out a bit big, so I tacked it smaller and I have to wear abelt with it. Oops.


(This picture is a bit fuzzy, but it showed a bit mroe detail than the others)

And a shirt. I saw this pillow on Craftster, and I loved the design. So I put it on a t-shirt. I almost never wear color, especially blue, so I don’t know if I’ll ever wear this -_-



And another shirt. Again, I saw it on Craftster and I had to have one. The stencil came out super stiff, so I hope I can wash it and it will soften. It is a bit hard to get on and off becuase of the stiffness :-/


I also made a bag. I got bored with my old grey curdoroy messenger bag, so I re-created it into this:



The curdoroy is now on the inside. As you could probably tell a) I had a lot of bored time this week, and b) I can’t for the lfie of me figure out how to spell corduroy/it changes eveyr time I write it šŸ™‚


$10 on E-bay. *Whee!*


5 responses to “We like the moon

  1. Someone’s robot-happy!

    The skirt is cute, I’m completely jealous of the shoes, but I LOVE THAT STENCILLED TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is completely amazing, and I am very, very impressed by your stencilling skills. ~wow~

    Hmmmm wanna swap? (Actually, not now, I have way too much schoolwork which needs doing.)

  2. sis, you confuse me. No blog one minute, one the next. Is this a blog? šŸ™‚

  3. Those shoes are awesome! And a total steal to boot (Excuse the pun) The skirt is really cool too – did you find it easy to make? x

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE! LOVE! that tshirt! ive been trying to think of what to make my brother for his birthday and i think he needs something similar!!

  5. really? i cant decide if i want to do a stencil or an applique, but i totally appreciate the offer!

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