The Dinosaurs are dead =(

I have been veyr bored lately… so this is what happened:


I had a black shapeless hoodie that I never wore, so I slimmed it down and added appliques. I hate mirror pictures, they’re usually lame, but no one was around to take my picture. I need to clean my mirror. It’s vile.

Here’s a detail of the dinosaurs and the embroidered hearts:




I was inspired by a post on

I’ve been very bored lately, but that will change soon. I’m going to a concert in one week, another concert in June, Six Flags two days later, other random concerts, my friend is visiting, and I’m making a movie. But that’s a secret… not really. It’s just not quite done yet. Actually not quite started ^^


One response to “The Dinosaurs are dead =(

  1. i LOVE this! dinosaurs are my favorite. i’m going to copy you and do this to the next sweater i make. loooooooove it!

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