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McCalls 4460
McCalls 4460

I haven’t started it, but as soon as I get my fabric I’m going to make the dress above. I’ll be using the pattern on the left, but I’m going to thicken the straps and maybe take out the tulle stuff. At Hobby Lobby there is a black with white polka-dotted fabric for about four dollars per yard, so I’m going to be using that. The girl looks like she took to many doses of happy pills, and her shoes are gross. Look like she macramed them. Ha. Macrame shoes, now there’s an idea…
This week I have been sowing so much, but I don’t have anything to show for it quite yet. I’m making a blue ‘cardigan’, but I need lining fabric and buttons to finish. I’m making a Black skirt, but I need a zipper to continue. I’m making a plaid jumper, but I need a zipper for that too. I’m also working on a ‘mystery’ project, but I ran out of thread. It isn’t all that mysterious, but I’m not sure if it will work…. hmm, hopefully it will.

I love the thrift store. I went on Saturday, and bought a lot of vintage patterns for only $0.10 a piece. They are all in good condition, and are all in my size. I think I want to make this one:
The one in the center is my favorite- it’s slightly mod looking. I think a gray with white stripes would be nice, but I doubt I’ll find exactly what I’m envisioning.

Going to make this too. I’ll have to draft my own pattern, but I’ve done it before and it isn’t too hard. It’s strange ebcuase I normally dont’ wear dresses, but I haev been really wanting to make some lately.

I know this post isn’t too exciting, but as of yet I have no FO’s to show off. I did finish making a KittyVille Hat. I need to block it first though… it came out a little big for my head ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a weird greeny blue color. I dislike blue, but I like the combonation and it looks interestign against my hair-color.

This weekend is my sister’s graduation party. My uncle is bringing his wife and she jsut had a baby girl! I am very excited. I’m hoping to get to the yarn store tomorrow to pick up some yarn to make the cardigan from Weekend Knitting for the baby. I’m not sure if I can knit that fast, but I will try… is having a $10 shirt sale! I think I may get one, but I’m not sure how much money I have ๐Ÿ˜€
I like this one:
Landline’s Revenge
99 LuftBalloons
Bigfoot and Friends
A Room with a View
Missing Piece

I could just screen-print a few shirts, which would be cheaper… and original. I guess I’ll just wait and see. I want to make a ninja shirt, or maybe a pirate shirt.

And to end it all off, I will leave you with this. It made me laugh for some odd reason..


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